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As specialized healthcare consultants, unique to the commercial real estate industry, our objective is to help physicians achieve their goals with respect to their clinic locations. Whether a provider is looking to purchase a medical facility or to lease medical office space, we assist through our proprietary database of contacts and relationships.

In the fall of 2013, our firm was approached by a physician looking to break away from his existing practice to start his own. He was located in a small medical community with limited options for real estate. He had the option of driving around on his lunch break or on weekends to call on real estate signs; however, he wanted to maintain some confidentiality and did not want word getting back to his partner.
Our team at Equity was able to help him identify several sites that would work for his practice. After careful review of each site, we were able to narrow them down to the one he wanted to make an offer on. While many commercial real estate agents may have been able to achieve the same results, our unique experience in servicing the healthcare industry allowed us to streamline the purchasing process.
After making an offer and negotiating a contract, there was still plenty of work to be done. In this particular physician’s case, we needed a corporate real estate attorney to review the Purchase Sale Agreement, add language for impact fee credits, and to review the Title. Knowing who to rely on for these services and who specializes in servicing the healthcare industry was critical for a smooth and successful closing.
The building required full build-out for a medical practice. Its current condition was “shell” which meant the exterior walls were built, but the interior only consisted of dirt floor with no electrical, HVAC or plumbing. The physician needed a contractor that was not only experienced in building medical practices, but one that could design and build the practice to his liking and within budget.
The physician was also shopping around for a loan for the real estate and the operating costs for the practice start-up. We were able to suggest a few financial institutions for him to speak to, that have programs specifically designed for healthcare professionals. Finally, he needed insurance to cover both for the practice and for the real estate.
As a result, the physician ended up using every contact that we suggested, saving him a significant amount of time and money. Equity went above and beyond providing standard real estate services to provide critical contributory support, adding value to the final product. For best results, engage a firm that is focused on the healthcare industry, meaningful relationships, and teamwork.