Corporate Healthcare Real Estate Services

The Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team specializes in helping healthcare professionals find great solutions in Healthcare Real Estate.Lead by Carleton Compton, VP of Brokerage Services, the Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team provides solutions for Corporate Healthcare Professionals including; Private Equity backed Medical Groups, Hospitals, Local and National Urgent Care Clinics, Dental Groups, Private Practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Our comprehensive market strategy and site selection process includes evaluating market demographics, identifying retail benchmarks, mapping referral sources, analyzing competition, and reviewing available inventory. These elements are all key components to identifying the right location for a new healthcare practice or expansion opportunity.

Equity Healthcare Real Estate also offers services to property owners that want to lease, sell, sublet, or dispose of their Healthcare Real Estate Assets. Our clients benefit from our marketing process that is designed specifically for the Healthcare Industry. The six-step process provides exposure of assets to the greatest number of qualified buyers & tenants. In addition, Equity Healthcare Real Estate is a full service medical real estate firm, who’s different division silos can assist with property management, development and construction.

If you are in need of Healthcare Real Estate Services, If you are looking to buy, sell, or lease medical, call us for a free consultation. See how we can assist you with all of your Healthcare Real Estate needs. 813-789-7729.